Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's almost Christmas!!

I really did not know how to title this post, so I decided to go with what I am most excited about. I love Christmas! I love putting the tree up and decorating it with ornaments. I love everything about this holiday. I remember when I was younger I would go spend the weekend with my Granny after my grandfather passed away so I could go decorate her Christmas tree. I can only imagine how it must have looked (let's face it I am no Martha Stewart) but my granny and my Bom would go on and on about how pretty it was. Good times.
Anyway, since I am a teacher we get to have 2 weeks off for Christmas. I am so excited about that. The students need a break and the teachers do as well. I am going to use my time to rest up and begin work on Parker's nursery. I already have some vintage looking baseball posters and a baseball clock. I have even found the material I want to use for his bedding. Everything is coming together. Well that's all going on around the Spiess house so hopefully I will write more during the break.

oh i almost is a picture of the teachers around Halloween when we danced to thriller in the pep rally. Don't we look awesome!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's a......

BOY!! We are having a little Parker! We are so excited about this. I cannot wait to start decorating the nursery and getting everything together. Things have been really crazy around here and changes are happening all the time. We recently bought a new used car. My fantastic husband Steven traded in his truck and we bought an '07 Chevy Malibu. He never ceases to amaze me. That was a sacrifice for him and he did it without blinking an eye. He also ripped up the carpet in the living room, dining room, and hallway to put down new floors. He has all the dining room done and most of the hallway finished. I tease him about it but he really has done a wonderful job. They look amazing.

I have also been busy making more cakes with my buddy Andrea S. Its really a lot of fun to see how the cakes turn out and we are getting better at it. I will post pictures of the cakes that we have made. So if you ever need a cake you know we can do it.

Ok so for the nursery, I am planning to decorate in vintage baseball. I am going to frame old baseball cards and black and white baseball photos. I can see it all in my head. There is only one problem....I cannot find the bedding that I want. I have about deciced that I am going to have to have the blanket and bumpers made. So if anyone out there knows of anyone that can make bedding please let me know.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh man its been a month!!

WOW have I been the worst blogger ever or what! It has been too long since I have blogged. Now, I do blog almost every day but just not on this blog. I have actually started a blog on my schools blog server where my kids can get help with homework, watch examples and explanations of that day's lesson. It really has come in handy and seems to really help the kids. I left my blog up one day when I was gone to a workshop for my sub and the sub loved it. The kids did too because they still felt like i was there. So thats my other blog. Now for the baby.
Beanie is doing great. We find out if its a boy or girl November 25. Not too much longer. Man I cannot believe that I am as far along as I am! Everyone told me that the pregnancy would fly by and I didn't believe them. So far I am thinking I should start listening.
OH and some news about the puppies....they are doing great now. They did find a hole in the fence 2 weeks ago and for 3 days they got out EVERY day. Ugh. It is ok because Steven and his dad fixed the fence and put up a hotwire. I don't think they will be getting out anymore.
Well thats all I have for now so I will try not to take so long before I post my next blog.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Puppy, New Cake, and a New School Year!

Ok so if you know my husband Steven at all you know that it is his life's goal to "GIVE" our puppy biscuits away. Well, did we show him! We now own 2, yep that says TWO dogs. Last week we got another beagle for free named Shug. She is the best dog ever(besides biscuits of course). Shug has settled Biscuits down tremendously. One great thing about this pup is that she was already spayed when we got her. Another great thing is that she was FREE!!

So onto the new cake, I have to add another cake to my collection. Andrea and I made her husband Bryan a cake that looked like R2D2.

Now about the new school year, it is awesome! My kids are great and they have already given me several presents for beanie. One student made me a tiny mum that said Beanie.

Now here I am today with a house full of family. Its really nice, Susan and BJ and Angela and the boys are here. I'm kinda glad that their lights are out because we get to spend time together. Well I am going to go run around with my nephew!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to school!

Last Thursday I started back to school. In a way I was sad to have to go back but actually I am really excited. So far I have most everything to get ready in my room, but it will all get done. I did get my room painted so that's one thing done.

Enough of school, now about Beanie. If you don't know Beanie is what I am calling my unborn child. The name is catching with most everyone, even Steven. I went to the Dr today and although we had to reschedule my appointment due to the fact I wasn't far enough along I did find out my due date. I am due anywhere from March 28 to April 5. Everyone in blog land hope for April 5 so I can be close to the TAKS test. Well, Steven just walked in so I am going to go greet my husband.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How many babies will there be?

Well the answer to that question is there is just one baby. WOOHOO. Now don't get me wrong, I would have been fine with two I just think that for right now one baby would be best. Steven was so sweet watching the sonogram. He just sat there smiling like a goon, but I am pretty sure I looked pretty gooney too. It was great watching the little flutter of the heart. It makes you realize how small you are in this world and how great the power of God is. He put this tiny baby in my belly and is allowing me to carry his gift. Its truly awesome. Steven and I will not take this gift for granted and will do all we can to raise this child in a house that has lots of love for God and each other. Oh I am also not as far along as I was on my counter, I am only about 6.5 weeks along so I might be able to be there for the TAKS test. Yeah!

Monday, August 11, 2008

One or two? We will find out

Ok so I think Steven and I are just freaking ourselves out, but I have a feeling (I think Steven does too) that we might be having twins. I don't know if it's from Steven's mom and Jill teasing us or what but I guess Wednesday we will find out. If there are twins in my belly Steven and I have discussed it and Jill if you are reading this we are moving in with you and Drew. Haha. Not really but we will need all the twin advice we can get. If there are twins in my tummy we will be fine and I know with A LOT of prayer and support we will be up to the challenge.

On to more news I got my first wave of morning sickness. YUCK. While I didn't yack I felt SOOO sick. I am feeling better now so that's good, I just hope it is a freak thing. Oh and if anyone is counting on what I don't like right now it is grape juice and really really sweet things. With that if any of you in blog land thought of buying me sweets and grape juice, I beg of you please don't.

Well, Wednesday I will keep you posted on how many babies there are in my tummy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cakes, Vacations, and Blue Steel

So I have tried my hand at making cakes for my family. I know that I am just a beginner and not all that great but I have gotten better. The best so far is Steven's 26th birthday cake. I made the mistake of telling him that I was going to make him a cake shaped like his favorite Cubs hat. Well after a lot of thinking and planning, I DID IT!! So here are some of my cakes...

My sisters 30th birthday cake

My dad's birthday cake

Steven's 26th birthday cake

Not so long ago Steven and I ventured out into the hill country for vacation. It was AWESOME!!! We had so much fun. We went to the Alamo, Schlitterbahn, floated the river, the wax museume, the outlets, and to see several movies. We were so relaxed and I slept more than I ever have. (I didn't realize that I was Pregnant at the time though) So here are some pictures from our adventures.

Ah, The Alamo. I had never been. It was pretty stinking cool.

This is our wonderful cabin. It was small, but it was all we needed and for a whole week costing $450 you can't beat it.

I had not idea Steven loved Oprah so much.

Hands down the most interesting place we ate on vacation. Yes your eyes are right, not only is it the House of Pizza but it is Chinese Cuisene! Despite the name it was actually good. I would go again if I had the chance.


This is my absolute favorite picture of my nephew Chase. He looks like he is doing the famous Zoolander modeling pose "Blue Steel"

Monday, August 4, 2008

Biscuits and Gravy

Before we get started, let me first apologize in advance for any misuses of the English language. I teach math, not English so I am bound to make an abundance of mistakes. Please do not judge me and Mom if you read this yes you taught me better in 6th grade I just didn't listen. Now to start with the true blog.

This blog is dedicated to my puppy Biscuits. Biscuits is my wonderful, rambunctious, curious Beagle. Steven bought Biscuits for my 26th birthday. When we first got him all he wanted to do was sleep and snuggle. I thought I was in Heaven! Little did I know that it wouldn't take long for that to change. No one felt the need to explain (not that I would have listened) how much beagles dig!! I will never forget the first time Biscuits tried to dig a hole in the carpet. It was so cute. He just kept digging and digging not understanding why he wasn't getting any deeper. Then when we put a fence in our back yard and a doggy door in our laundry room there was no going back. Biscuits digs when ever he gets a chance. I swear he is going to end up in China one day. He even has a hole in the back yard with different tunnels! WOW he is amazing. One day I just wanted to see how deep one of his holes went so I stepped in it. Yeah it went up passed my knee. I'm telling you, one day we are going to find a very confused Chinese person wondering around in our back yard. We don't mind it so much.

One thing that he has started doing is acting like a toddler. When we are ready for bed and go to put Biscuits up he will go limp and lifeless like a toddler. I think he is throwing a fit. He will also run and hide from us underneath our bed. The only problem to his thinking is that he keeps howling, so he is not that great at hiding. I think it sweet, Steven doesn't. That is my puppy Biscuits. He is a great dog and I have really enjoyed having him with us. I can't wait to see how much the baby loves him. I know Biscuits will love the baby too. Then one day it will be time to adopt Gravy and then our little breakfast animal family will be complete.
Here is Biscuits on our bed, ready to go to sleep.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Anything goes!

I figured that would be the best title for my first blog. I am brand new at this and not really sure what I am supposed to do here. I guess you just write about whatever floats your boat. So here goes nothing!

So this summer has flown by and it has been an exciting one. My awesome sister-in-law Susan got married, along with my wonderful mother, and I recently found out I was PREGNANT!! Exciting news for the Spiess family. Steven was so great when he found out. We had just gotten back from vacation the day before and we still had to unpack. When he found out, he told me to sit down and rest while HE cleaned the house. I know I am very lucky.

So far being prego is great. I am feeling fine. I really hope I didn't just jinx things and tomorrow I won't have a massive urge to yak all over everything. If I do I will be ok and I will just deal with the nausea.

Well that's my first post. It wasn't so bad after all. I have to rest because at midnight tonight I will be scrambling to Hastings to get my copy of "Breaking Dawn"!!! WooHoo! (I am so excited JD! I know you are too) So to all of you who may be reading this in blogger world, thanks for reading.