Monday, September 28, 2009

Bright lights Big city

Parker at his first Rangers game. He had just finished helping me eat my strawberry chill. HE LOVED IT!

This weekend we went to Dallas and stayed with Steven's sister Jennifer. We had such a great time. We walked for the cure, went to see some friends, and went to see the Rangers. Parker did so good especially for being dragged around all day. He really enjoyed the game and didn't get really fussy. He cried a little but it was only because he was hungry. Once he helped me eat my chill he relaxed and went to sleep. It was really great. We also have fixed his sleeping problems. If you didn't know he has been waking up every hour at night which was strange since he has been sleeping all night. I know its because he is teething and he startles himself awake at night. Well I went and got a thin swaddle blanket and problem solved. I just wished I would have thought about it when he first started it. He might wake up once to get some Tylenol or put his pacifier back in but I can handle it. I put him in it for his nap today so we will see how good of a nap he takes. Well our weekend was awesome and I have posted some pics of the great time. ENJOY!

Parker eating his dad's glove. He already loves baseball.

Getting my face painted to look like Harry Potter. It was so funny. Steven didn't want to be seen with me and Parker wanted to take the glasses. And yes I was the oldest person to get their face painted. And yes I know I am an idiot.

Me showing Steven my pretty face. You can't see but I have a lightening bolt on my forehead.

Parker, Steven, and our friend Jaiden. She just had a liver transplant and she is so sweet. It was so good to see her.

Parker and Kanyon. Kanyon is in Dallas in eating camp. He is doing great and we can't wait till him and his mom get to come home.

Parker, Jennifer, and I at the diabetes walk.

here is parker in his swaddle blanket. he looks like an inch worm. It is so funny to see him in it. As soon as he gets in it he just becomes so calm. I also found that they make variations of these for ages up to 2 years. Looks like Parker is going to get swaddled for a long time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Months

Ok so I should have done this post a couple of weeks ago, but when Parker turned 5 months we were in Galveston. Better late than never I always say. Parker is getting so stinking big. He has 2 teeth on the bottom and is acting like he is getting more. He is such a trooper. I didn't even realize he had cut his first tooth until Jackie said he thought he saw a tooth. He really wasn't very fussy. He is a little fussier with these but still not bad at all. He can sit on his own if he props himself up on his hands for a pretty good while. He loves to play with his toys and loves to roll over onto his tummy....but he HATES to roll back over. He can do it but just not all the time. Plus if you get too frustrated and mommy will come and roll you back over why would you want to roll yourself back? He loves to flirt with EVERYONE! This kid is so stinking happy. If he is fussy I know that something is wrong with him. He loves to play with his feet and eat them. I love to see his curious nature. I feel so blessed to have him and to be able to stay at home with him. I do work 2 days a week at ACA in the 12-18 month class and Parker gets to come with me. He does so well and loves it. He loves to see his friends Cole and Blaze. I know he just wishes he could just get down and romp and play with them. Well Parker is waking from a nap so I will just leave you with some pics.

i love this picture of drew! he just looks so comfortable.

there is nothing like the love of a boy and his beagle.

This is how he has started to nap sometimes. it makes me giggle.

chase looks so happy about his chocolate.

this is the funniest face. it looks like he wants to say "hey let me tell you whats going on here."