Monday, September 15, 2008

New Puppy, New Cake, and a New School Year!

Ok so if you know my husband Steven at all you know that it is his life's goal to "GIVE" our puppy biscuits away. Well, did we show him! We now own 2, yep that says TWO dogs. Last week we got another beagle for free named Shug. She is the best dog ever(besides biscuits of course). Shug has settled Biscuits down tremendously. One great thing about this pup is that she was already spayed when we got her. Another great thing is that she was FREE!!

So onto the new cake, I have to add another cake to my collection. Andrea and I made her husband Bryan a cake that looked like R2D2.

Now about the new school year, it is awesome! My kids are great and they have already given me several presents for beanie. One student made me a tiny mum that said Beanie.

Now here I am today with a house full of family. Its really nice, Susan and BJ and Angela and the boys are here. I'm kinda glad that their lights are out because we get to spend time together. Well I am going to go run around with my nephew!