Thursday, January 21, 2010

biscuits and shug

I love my puppies! They are such good "kid" dogs. They do so well with Parker. They are gentle with him and let him tug their ears and tails. (I am always right there) Shug is VERY protective of Parker. I think she might think that he is her puppy. If I am wiping is face and he cries she will squirm her way in between me and Parker and not move until i quit. She will just sit there and stare at me till I move! Its the craziest thing. Biscuits just likes to smell him. Parker thinks the dogs are hilarious! When they come inside Parker thinks its the funniest thing ever. He dies laughing. Sometimes he even laughs at them when they are asleep in the recliners. To think I was worried about bringing him home with the puppies in the house!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Parker's first "punishment"

OK before I get into my post let me make one thing clear.... yes the title of this did say that Parker got a spanking and yes I plan on spanking him whenever he is in need.
Now I do not plan on spanking him all the time...probably because he will not need it and because he has really big blue eyes that make me melt. However if he is in danger of getting hurt and he is doing something he isn't supposed to then yes even though he is little he will get a swat. Well today we were in the living room playing and the little turkey went for the outlets. (we do have plug covers on them) Well 3 times I told him no and "redirected" him and 3 times he went right back. The little turkey is fast. The fourth time he made his way over there told him no and he looked right at me, smiled and grabbed the plug cover off! Well I went over and popped his leg (it wasn't even hard), his lip went out and his feelings were hurt. I picked him up, cuddled with him and told him that was a no no and he would get a spanking if he did it again. (i don't even think he knows what i am saying) well a little later he was on his way back over there and I looked at him and said "no Parker!" Something must have registered in his brain because he crawled the other way and didn't mess with the plug!
As much as I HATED to pop his little let, nothing else was working and my back is killing me from moving him away from the plug. Plus I would rather him have 2 seconds of discomfort from a pop on the thigh than be dead from messing with the plug. I have to repeat this to myself often. I was so proud of him when he didn't mess with the plug though and even though he probably doesn't understand a word i am saying i told him so.
Any who just thought i would share Parker's first experience with getting into trouble!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Parker update

Last week I took Parker his 9 month check up. The boy is huge!!! He is 22 pounds and 31 inches long (the 70th percentile for weight and 98th percentile for length)!! I can't believe how long he is! He is wearing 12 month clothes for the length and some of them are starting to get too short! The only problem is that the waists are too big!! If I put him in 9 month clothes the waist and the length are too small. Oh well! There are many things that could be worse! I have lots of people that keep this boy supplied in clothes! He had his first Christmas recently and he slept through most of it. I think he got the entire left side of toys r us too. The boy has SO many great toys to play with. I have started putting them on a rotation so he wouldn't get overwhelmed and it would seem like he had new toys throughout the year. He has started to crawl a little...a real crawl at that. He has been army crawling for a while but today he took a few crawling "steps". He is lazy though because he just went right back to his belly. Lazy sucker! Oh and he has 8 teeth! 4 on top and 4 on bottom! Is it just me or is that A LOT for a 9 month old?

Right now EVERYONE is sick. Parker, Steven, and I all have a cold! It is not fun to be at our house. I think Parker got us all sick. (really I have no idea where we got it but isn't blaming kids why we have them haha) As soon as we get over this its time to get going again with p90x. I am going to try doing the lean regimen this time. I will let you know how it goes. Well now for what you really!

parker watching miranda lambert. he LOVES music!

I just thought this pose was funny
I have to watch him like a hawk! he likes to try to play in the puppies' water
here he is at honey's house on Christmas eve