Thursday, January 21, 2010

biscuits and shug

I love my puppies! They are such good "kid" dogs. They do so well with Parker. They are gentle with him and let him tug their ears and tails. (I am always right there) Shug is VERY protective of Parker. I think she might think that he is her puppy. If I am wiping is face and he cries she will squirm her way in between me and Parker and not move until i quit. She will just sit there and stare at me till I move! Its the craziest thing. Biscuits just likes to smell him. Parker thinks the dogs are hilarious! When they come inside Parker thinks its the funniest thing ever. He dies laughing. Sometimes he even laughs at them when they are asleep in the recliners. To think I was worried about bringing him home with the puppies in the house!

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