Monday, January 18, 2010

Parker's first "punishment"

OK before I get into my post let me make one thing clear.... yes the title of this did say that Parker got a spanking and yes I plan on spanking him whenever he is in need.
Now I do not plan on spanking him all the time...probably because he will not need it and because he has really big blue eyes that make me melt. However if he is in danger of getting hurt and he is doing something he isn't supposed to then yes even though he is little he will get a swat. Well today we were in the living room playing and the little turkey went for the outlets. (we do have plug covers on them) Well 3 times I told him no and "redirected" him and 3 times he went right back. The little turkey is fast. The fourth time he made his way over there told him no and he looked right at me, smiled and grabbed the plug cover off! Well I went over and popped his leg (it wasn't even hard), his lip went out and his feelings were hurt. I picked him up, cuddled with him and told him that was a no no and he would get a spanking if he did it again. (i don't even think he knows what i am saying) well a little later he was on his way back over there and I looked at him and said "no Parker!" Something must have registered in his brain because he crawled the other way and didn't mess with the plug!
As much as I HATED to pop his little let, nothing else was working and my back is killing me from moving him away from the plug. Plus I would rather him have 2 seconds of discomfort from a pop on the thigh than be dead from messing with the plug. I have to repeat this to myself often. I was so proud of him when he didn't mess with the plug though and even though he probably doesn't understand a word i am saying i told him so.
Any who just thought i would share Parker's first experience with getting into trouble!

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Pam said...

Hurts us probably worse than it hurts them, but they do learn. You'll are doing a great job! Pam