Sunday, May 31, 2009


I Hate Ticks!!!! They are horrid bloodsucking little creatures!! When I say I hate them I really mean it. Thursday our 8th grade when to the nature center in Tyler. I was in charge of the GPS activity. The activity was pretty fun but we had to go through the woods. Well when I got home that day I found 6 ticks on me feasting away!! You know sometimes I get anemic, and I need all the blood I can get! Do you think the devils really cared? No! They just latched on and sucked away. I was probably the equivalent of an all you can eat buffet. The worst part is early the next morning I scratched my head and what do you know, another one in my hair! YUCK! So when I got to school I had to get my head checked for any more ticks. It was 3rd grade all over again when I got lice from a softball helmet. All I need now is to sit on the front porch while my mom puts RidX on my head and pick away and the nightmare will be complete.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Parker's babysitter

This is an ode to Parker's babysitter, Tonya Irwin. Tonya takes such great care of Parker while I am at school. She puts my mind at ease. I would be going crazy with worry if she wasn't watching him. I know that if anything was wrong with him she wouldn't hesitate to call me. She also takes the most wonderful pictures and the other day she took some of Parker. He looks so cute.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Parker is 1 month!!

Why does it always seem like the times you want to just creep by always seem to fly by? Parker is over a month old and pretty soon I will be going back to work. Man I can't believe it. Even though I don't get a lot of sleep, it has been totally worth it. He has already grown so much and he even smiles!! Don't think I am crazy but he has also rolled over a couple of times. Now I don't think Parker is super advanced but I do think that he is really strong and has long legs and arms that help him get over. I am proud of him. I love that every morning after I drink my coffee, he lays on my belly and snuggle till he falls asleep. I love watching my husband change diapers and fall asleep on the couch with the boy on his chest. So I leave you with some of his 1 month pics.