Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy First Birthday Parker!!

WOW! I cannot believe Parker is one (over one actually)! March 31 Parker turned one and it only seems like yesterday that he was born. Let's see....what can he do....well, he can do lots of new stuff! He can walk, feed himself real food (like a champ), babble, say a couple of words, and terrorize our dogs (which is quickly forgiven when he drops food for them). Parker is doing so much and making me TIRED! It's OK though because it is so much fun watching him. Saturday we had a March madness themed birthday. It was mostly just family (still that is a ton) and it was a lot of fun. Parker didn't quite know what to do with the cake so he decided to cry...Oh well. Then when he opened presents he got a second wind. I know why he was fussy though....his bottom two molars popped through today. That would make anybodies birthday party not fun.

Here are some Pictures of the weekend.
Here he is about to dig in!
here is the cake I made for everyone to eat.
here is Parker's own cake. he liked it!