Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh man its been a month!!

WOW have I been the worst blogger ever or what! It has been too long since I have blogged. Now, I do blog almost every day but just not on this blog. I have actually started a blog on my schools blog server where my kids can get help with homework, watch examples and explanations of that day's lesson. It really has come in handy and seems to really help the kids. I left my blog up one day when I was gone to a workshop for my sub and the sub loved it. The kids did too because they still felt like i was there. So thats my other blog. Now for the baby.
Beanie is doing great. We find out if its a boy or girl November 25. Not too much longer. Man I cannot believe that I am as far along as I am! Everyone told me that the pregnancy would fly by and I didn't believe them. So far I am thinking I should start listening.
OH and some news about the puppies....they are doing great now. They did find a hole in the fence 2 weeks ago and for 3 days they got out EVERY day. Ugh. It is ok because Steven and his dad fixed the fence and put up a hotwire. I don't think they will be getting out anymore.
Well thats all I have for now so I will try not to take so long before I post my next blog.