Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back in the land of the living!

After almost a week of having a sick baby we are well!! I took Parker to the doctor on Friday because he wasn't acting like himself Thursday and I suspected him to have an ear infection and maybe RSV... Well I was right...on both parts. I have to say it really wasn't all that much fun for either of us. Parker wasn't all that fussy but he wasn't his happy self either. Parker also ran a 103.7 temp on Monday! He still wanted to play like usual but didn't want to take his normal naps which is tough. So we just played and cat napped in a very dirty house (I usually clean during his first nap) until he got better. Well Wednesday was are first full day without any fever so today we got to go to school/work. It was wonderful! Parker got to play and have fun. He is back on his schedule! I am so glad he doesn't get sick too often because it is not any fun for either of us. I am so thankful that his little body is so tough. I think that getting sick for the first time (i am not counting snotty noses from teething) at 10 months isn't too bad. I do feel so bad for every little kid that has or has had RSV recently. Poor little babies! It is just hard on the whole family. So to all of those kids who are still sick....Get Well Soon!